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Winter Days

Welcome winter …days
Snow and sleet and rain
Come and go …quickly
Mother wants …out…again!

You shouldn’t be out
When it’s wet and cold
You forget ..you’re stubborn
I hold my tongue …DON’T SCOLD!

I know you’re not a child
But …amid your childish ways
I get into a quandary
When you go out to PLAY!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 31, 2012

Heart Cries

You hear singers
Men in your life
Did they sing to you
When you were a wife?

You say you all sang
Your songs of love
Some better than others
Now…from heaven above.

You hear me and Loren
Singing too
Well, there’s no way
That’s true.

Learn a song
To sing to your man
That’s what you say
You have a plan!

Never in a million years
Yeah…I’ve learned it Mom
A few years ago
To keep you calm.

Remember when I spent the
Winter with you?
No…guess not…
The abyss…got…those too!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 8, 2012

Nature Walk

There you go
Walking the lawn
In your little red coat
From dusk to dawn.

You walk and ponder
And shuffle around
Gathering treasures
From the ground.

The birds are chirping
High in the sky
They think it’s summer
But, winter is nigh.

The breezes gust
Blowing leaves around
You continue your journey
With treasures you’ve found.

Copyright/ sheila Grimes/ December 8, 2012

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