A journey in time with Alzheimer's

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It baffles my mind
It hurts my heart
When you go in circles
And end at the start.

You have no idea
What you have done
Can’t be defensive
Alzheimer’s has won.

As always you are the reason
There’s never a right or wrong
Simply to be and allow you space
Is a forever song.

You always end up at square one
No matter what’s in play
Going in circles is no fun
You want it now, then walk away.

Watching your journey is tiring
I know you are tired too
The difference…I know why you are
And you…don’t have a clue.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 2l, 2012

Shuffle Along

No way I can’t hear you coming, your shuffle gives you away.
You shuffle dance all through the house, you’re easy to find, I must say.

Shuffle here, shuffle there, shuffle, shuffle, everywhere
Must be a tune playing in your head, do you shuffle dance when you go to bed?

Watching you shuffle as you go along, whistling a happy song
Reminds me of years ago, you’d do housework and sing a long.

So now I smile when you shuffle along, I’m thinking you’re keeping time
Dancing down all those streets, that are lingering in your mind.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 12, 2012

Behind That Door

When you go through that door, and it’s closed tight
There’s no way of knowing how you’ve spent the night
Unless you’re walking and lots of loud talking
It’s a guessing game what you do.

If you don’t sleep well, so often the case
I hear you whistling or singing a song
Sometimes you come and wake me up
Then, we’re both up all night long.

Why this all happens, I haven’t a clue
So I step aside and just smile at you
Usually, like never, do you smile at me
You’re thinking there’s a conspiracy.

When you’re tired, you’re also blue
So I stay away, and side step you
I’m hoping a nap will fix the day
And the blue lady will go away.

When the whole day is over, and nighttime is near
You’re still tired, and there’s little cheer
This battle is over,  Alzheimer’s has won
But tomorrow’s  another day under the sun.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 12, 2012

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