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Save our ship!
No, the milk! …you say
Just got up and ran away
You’re looking straight
Door open …wide
But not seeing …milk
Hey …I’m on your side
Let’s investigate this
Catastrophe, together
Be … assured
Look … down and all
Around …it’s there
Hidden …obscured!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 20, 2013

Lost & Found

Lost you …nowhere … found
My heart sank …to the ground.

Rapid heart beat …the whole enchilada
Canvassed the house …streets …nada!

Around the bend …comes a friend
Found you …misery’s end.

Milk in one hand …chocolate the other
You’re safe …no harm …I sigh …Mother!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes, January 19, 2013

Yes indeed! Now Mom is in hospital …a Behavior Unit to adjust her medications. Poor thing, has a urinary tract infection …that is enough to make things worse for an elderly person….I’ll be signing off for a week, thanks to all! And I’m thankful for my neighbors who aided in the capture! Angels for sure!

Of Course, Whatever, Naturally

All the things you used to love
I’d filed in my head
I fix you stuff, you used to eat
Now…no way…you said!

Many foods, so good for you
I cook and throw away
Just can’t satisfy you now
No matter…anyway!

You say you want a piece of bread
You really mean a chocolate
Then a cup of juice or tea
Really means…milk…I see!

On and on the list could go
I’m frazzled in my head
Between what you used to …
And what you say…you said!

So goes the days…and goes the ways
They twist and wind around
Whatever you say…was meant to be
Of course…whatever…naturally!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 12, 2012

Love That Milk

Mom loves milk.  She  drinks  LOTS!!!

It’s white and creamy
Delicious and sweet
Milk’s your food
Nothing better you’ll eat.

You say you drink water
That’s simply not true
But the word water probably
Means milk to you.

Opening the carton
Is hard, as of late
It might as well be a
Huge cattle gate.

You twist and pull
And stab the lid
I say I’ll help…
…Heaven forbid!

With glass in hand
You’re happy now
You’re thankful, especially

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 30, 2012

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