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Found you shuffling down the hall
You see me … “Sheila Grimes” you call
They’re mean … needles aimed at me
You say … alarmed … profanity
Goodness Mother … tell me all
In my mind … words … recall
Flu season … time … inoculate
You forgot … my articulate
We talked of what needed done
Agreed … from … everyone
So now … anger in your eyes
You forgot … not surprised
Short-term memory … surmised
Talk it out … my head is thinking
Holding tears … my eyes are blinking
Sweet angels … nurses … got it done
Heartfelt thanks … everyone!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 15, 2015


Hard on the nerves …escalating
No way to conserve … energy
Obsessed with …delusions
Hallucinations …rampant
Wiped  out …totally
Out of … control.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 24, 2013

There are few distractions that help when Mother starts  pacing, worrying, delusional, hallucinations all at the same time.   Once she’s in a full-blown episode, just have to ride it out, so to speak.   Calling a sibling to talk to her  early in the episode   sometimes  helps.   Another term in the medical community noticed in older persons is sun downers.    I notice this behavior more  in the evenings, or when she’s extremely tired.

Medicine Guards

Adjusting medications
Doesn’t seem so hard
but WHOA …
Need a medicine guard.

A doc and a pharmacist
Do … agree
What works for you
Won’t work for me.

Seems easy enough
But WHOA, not so fast
Has to be CRUSHED
And ..long last!

So Doc says do this
Or that …it’s her function
To get us safely
Thru Alzheimer’s junction.

So what should be simple
Becomes complex
We’re all on your team
We could be …NEXT!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ January 16, 2013


We’ve gone quite a ways with mom’s medicines. It has been hard to get a handle on.  It’s always a challenge.

Awful tasting stuff you say
I hate you need to take them
Your swallowing prevents taking them whole
So crushed and in pudding is our daily goal.

You wonder how long you will need
To take these pills prescribed
I say as long as you are here
Or when Jesus comes to get his bride.

You smile and say
I took them now be gone
Tomorrow is another day
You’ve had your way, so long.

Copyright/ sheila Grimes/ October 20, 2012

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