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Treasure on a shelf

Mary doll sits, on top of a shelf
I spy her often, say to myself
You’re a bright spot in my day
You lightened Mom’s load
A treasure … I’d say
Because you were there
She gave smiles away
You filled …  a void
She needed …  to care
You kept her …  from
Deepening … despair.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 30, 2016



Narrow hallways through the place
We wander … in and out
Mom enjoys looking … smiling
When others peek and shout
I don’t see … my chickadees
She says … with a … frown
Guess she’s looking for her room
Two halls down … around
She started out … strong
Eyeing everything … in sight
Now she’s had … enough
Walk’s finished for tonight
Passing through the doors
Leading to … her place
Her face lights up … it’s Mary
She gives a warm … embrace.

Copyright/Sheila Grimes/ February 9, 2015

Where Is Mary Doll?

Where oh where is Mary doll!
Is she on the bed? No!
Is she under the covers? No!
Where oh where did Mary doll go?
Is she in the rocker? No!
Is she under the bed? No!
Well …where did Mary go?

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ August 9, 2013

I played hide ‘n seek for Mary Doll last week.  Mom says the “other children” wanted to play with her.  At that time, she had me take her home , so I put her in the washer and dryer and she was pretty!  When I took her back, Mom smiled, she missed Mary!

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