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Lights … flash … cross your mind
Memories … whispers … of time
A brief …moment … a thought
Then … it’s gone … for naught
You grasp a word … heave a sigh
Heart’s racing … curious … why
Remnants … colors ‘n shapes
Alzheimer’s stealing … words escape.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ April 7, 2015


A vulnerable soul … stalked this night
Unkindness … waiting … in dim light
I call out … lending a helping hand
Unkindness … vanishes … unplanned
Arise … remove self … from this place
The vulnerable soul … knows not the chase
Expecting all to honor … set ways
Unbeknown … vulnerability stays.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 10, 2014


Tree limbs … low … sadness … tears
Brown grass … dying … yesteryear
No breeze … mood stuck … fear
Stagnant water … abyss’s near
Overcast day … no cheer  
Blown out light … spark’s gone
Flat tire … negative … ensues
Torn fingernail … obsessing … blues
Broken dish … nothing fits … any … more.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 4, 2014

Wandering Thoughts …repost …MORE SO NOW

Wandering thoughts, come back to her
Don’t  leave   … to stray
She needs to see ‘n  feel ‘n  touch
The here ‘n  now she loves so much.
Return  …make haste   …DON’T DELAY
Leave your baggage … behind
Find  momma …I SEE HER  …HURRY
In the darkness  … all that worry.
Day’s  dawning … the light’s  bright
She loves the light … you know
Stay beside her … make her strong
When  you wander …please …don’t stay long.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho!
Who wouldn’t go
Up on the chimney
With Santa…You Know?

You bought, or made…gifts
I do believe
While hubbies
To work …would leave!

You baked …goodies
Santa would nibble
Milk and cookies
Left on the table!

You made Christmas time
Cheerful and bright
For me and my siblings
Your heart shone the light!

So …I’m honored
To say
Merry Christmas
… Your way!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 20, 2012

Our mother always gave us her best every Christmas. Her heart was always in the right place. As I remember, even in the hardest of times, her homemaking skills and her cheerful heart filled our cups!

Fantasy Bubble

I’m thinking of you in a bubble
You’re floating through the sky
You have all you need
And live happily inside.

No bad dreams, no fears
No hollering in the night
Just calmness and serenity
With the morning light.

Having a dream or a fantasy
Keeps hearts light and gay
Soon enough reality’s back
Blowing it all away.

So,  now my thoughts are soaring
Higher than the bubble goes
No worries for your care
No troubles…no more  woes.

But soon enough, it’s over
The bubble’s on the ground
Your family is waiting
Gathered all around.

The sky bubble’s  gone
It was fun…. in my head
But the real world’s unfolding
We’ll continue… Alzheimer’s dread.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 4, 2012

Morning Light

You get no rest
Throughout the night
I hear you talking left and right
Now you’re tired …here comes the light.

You try to function through the day
A nap or two paves the way
To help you stay around and be
Part of our family.

But though you are awake and here
You still linger in a cloud
Where confusion reigns
And lucid times are not allowed.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 28, 2012

Wandering Thoughts

Wandering thoughts, come back to her
Don’t  leave her alone this day
She needs to see ‘n  feel ‘n  touch
The here ‘n  now she loves so much.
Wind your way back here to stay
Leave your baggage behind
Find  momma, I see her  …hurry
She’s  in the darkness, with all that worry.
The day’s  dawning, the light is bright
She loves the light, you know
Stay beside her … make her strong
When  you wander …please …don’t stay long.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 2012

Whispers Of Time – Part 2 of 5

So why have the time at all?  And why give to others that which you will forget in days ahead?  I ponder these questions and still ponder more.  I could be quite depressed, and how would that help my situation?  I dare say,  to be sad and feel lonely, is that not how a depressed person acts or is?  she seems sad and lonely, so she must be depressed,   and yet I see a glimmer of light in her eyes,  at times, and I choose to enhance those times and enjoy her moments of joy, for soon comes the sad and lonely person again to reside for a spell.  So, I shall wait for the sign of the light in her eyes and enjoy her once again.   I have decided that  a  small precious amount of time is worth the wait.

Go away pouncing, prancing feline  friend Snoopy, now is not the time to frolic.  The sad and depressed one is here and she needs  her space to just be.  To be what, you say?  Well, I’m not sure, but we’ll keep her in our sights, safe and sound.  And then, when the glimmer returns to her eyes, we will have the joy  of the moment, however long it lasts, then you can frolic.

You shuffle and  putter  around, looking for you know not what.  You care not why you shuffle, but I know why, and it grieves me.   I watch you, unnoticed, to care for  you.  You cannot see what I see, and you cannot  know what I know of your time.   You are in a different time and place, even though we share the same time and space.  You ponder where your thoughts wander, can I go?  I do not like to wait for you to return to the now.  Soon I shall see the glimmer in your eyes, and you will recall the here and now, and I shall enjoy   your company, if only for awhile.

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