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Inner Peace Award

Inner Peace Award


This is a beautiful award.  I  am honored to receive it and am grateful to Sherri for it.  Sherri’s strength shows in her writings.  Having inner peace  means  you are calm in the storms of life.   Sometimes we react to our surrounding, what people say, or do,  but  inner peace keeps us sane.  We are, after all, human.  To rise above carnal things of this life is a daily challenge.  God gives us the peace that passeth understanding.   Thank you all for keeping me mindful of the goodness of life in friends and family.  

The  lovely thing about this award is that there aren’t any rules  and it doesn’t need any work (other than displaying it proudly on your blog of course), after all, you earned it, you deserve it, so go on!  You don’t have to worry if you haven’t the time to pass it on – we are all short of that commodity!   Sherri’s words are kind and enthusiastic  Thanks again Sherri!

Gratefully yours, Sheila

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