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Compassion … You

He shuffles  around … head hanging down
No telling thoughts he wears with a frown
No  words …  as you pass in the hall
You’re  concerned … he’s not talking at all
It’s okay Mom, his business, not yours
Must leave him alone … be reassured
He is where he is …  to you it’s absurd
Doesn’t want to be … sad  … you say
As you turn … giving smiles away
You worry ‘n fret … ponder … stew
Compassion …empathy … you.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 21, 2013


Small helpers, needed so
You’ve chosen, to let them go.

So helpful, they can be
But only if used,  naturally.

I raise my voice, for you to hear
You frown …because I’m standing near.

You deny your problem, you’re angry so
Like everything else, I ….. let it go!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 25, 2012

Mom is extremely hard of hearing.  She does not want to wear her hearing aides, or earwigs as she calls them.  This is a daily challenge.  She’s lost one and I tried to get her to wear the other one day, and I found it near the trash can , heaven knows how it got there, she doesn’t!

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