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Rubbing Off The Old

So funny…rubbing off the old
Let it be gone, you say
It’s ugly with wrinkles
It wasn’t there yesterday!

As you wash and dry your hands
You wonder what to do
To take away the old look
And make it…like new.

What more could you  do
I haven’t a clue
You use enough  lotion
To fill an ocean.

Copy/ Sheila Grimes/ November 20, 2012


It baffles my mind
It hurts my heart
When you go in circles
And end at the start.

You have no idea
What you have done
Can’t be defensive
Alzheimer’s has won.

As always you are the reason
There’s never a right or wrong
Simply to be and allow you space
Is a forever song.

You always end up at square one
No matter what’s in play
Going in circles is no fun
You want it now, then walk away.

Watching your journey is tiring
I know you are tired too
The difference…I know why you are
And you…don’t have a clue.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 2l, 2012


Haven’t A Clue

Haven’t a clue why you need to know
Where everyone is and where everyone goes
Why everyone does whatever they do
And exactly how  this affects  you.

On and on the questions go
Where they’ll stop, only heaven knows
I’ll be right here, and you’ll be right there
And you’ll find your answers definitely somewhere.

And then all of a sudden you apologize to me
For what? Not sure, but I quickly agree
As long as you are o.k. with your thought
I’ll agree to agree, and it’s all just for naught!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 2, 2012

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