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Crocodile Stew

A … crocodile … ate … me?
You’re serious … I can see
Tears streaming down your face
Short term memory … please erase
I missed a visit … yesterday
It happens … now … and then
When it does … you’re in a stew
Wandering … Alzheimer’s … avenue
What to do … perplexes … me
No other course … I see
Hugs … smiles … extra … miles
Bring on the chocolate … to beguile.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 12, 2012

Lost & Found

Lost you …nowhere … found
My heart sank …to the ground.

Rapid heart beat …the whole enchilada
Canvassed the house …streets …nada!

Around the bend …comes a friend
Found you …misery’s end.

Milk in one hand …chocolate the other
You’re safe …no harm …I sigh …Mother!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes, January 19, 2013

Yes indeed! Now Mom is in hospital …a Behavior Unit to adjust her medications. Poor thing, has a urinary tract infection …that is enough to make things worse for an elderly person….I’ll be signing off for a week, thanks to all! And I’m thankful for my neighbors who aided in the capture! Angels for sure!

Fun With Cadence

One – two … Velcro your shoes

Three – four …lock your door

Five – six …chocolate fix

Seven – eight …Hurry? No wait!

Nine – ten  … FOE OR FRIEND!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ January 15, 2013

Of Course, Whatever, Naturally

All the things you used to love
I’d filed in my head
I fix you stuff, you used to eat
Now…no way…you said!

Many foods, so good for you
I cook and throw away
Just can’t satisfy you now
No matter…anyway!

You say you want a piece of bread
You really mean a chocolate
Then a cup of juice or tea
Really means…milk…I see!

On and on the list could go
I’m frazzled in my head
Between what you used to …
And what you say…you said!

So goes the days…and goes the ways
They twist and wind around
Whatever you say…was meant to be
Of course…whatever…naturally!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 12, 2012

Chocolate Stash

When shopping for food
No matter where
You want chocolate
And lots to spare.

I say, we’ve plenty
You deny such
How could I know
So much.

You are a tad angry
This I see
Because you do not
Remember…oh me!

So we get more
The stock pile rises

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 29, 2012

Mother loves chocolate bars….she consumes hundreds of calories daily. She eats little food, lots of chocolate. I was distraught at one point and in an Alzheimer’s seminar,  I asked Doctors about her eating and they said give her what she wants…I had tried to hold back the chocolate bars and she had lost weight,  so,  I just give her what she wants, putting down a feeding tube is not an option.   We siblings just want her  comfortable,  so chocolate bars it is.  Her Doctor visits show a normal glucose level, go figure.  When she has a glass of milk in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other, she’s a happy camper! …So you know I know my way to the grocery store blind folded. ….smile….sg

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