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Checking Out Snoopy

Surely to goodness
It happens to you
Crying wolf
Now …what to do!

Snoopy Cat
Out and about
Dogs running around
I’m …checking it out!

Legs flying by
A blur …as they go
Barking and chasing
They’re loving it so!

Fast and clever
Our Snoopy …cat
Out maneuvered them all
Thank goodness …for that!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 2, 2013

I never (almost never) doubt when Mom tell’s me something …I just proceed cautiously …you never know!


You’re awake …early
I awoke too
Listening to whistling
It’s NOT Lady blue!

I was dreaming …no worries
Enjoying the view
Now … wondering …why
You’re up …quarter past two!

Quiet as a mouse …NOT
You’ve cat napped …renewed
Your inner clock …says

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 2, 2013


Fly’s in the honey
Waiting for a break
Needs to fly away
Before it suffocates.

Cat in a tree
Waiting for a break
Dog needs to leave
A get a way …to make.

Mouse in a trap
Waiting for a break
Before cat comes
An empty stomach ache.

Mom’s in …abyss
Waiting for a break
Alzheimer’s blanket
Fading memories …make.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 13, 2013

Claiming A Promise

No way to brace for a fallout
Exposure …comes every day
Like a cat  …released from a bag
Got to get out of your way!

Trying to “NIP IT IN THE BUD’
No way to know …what to nip
A bit of a challenge
Gracious …could use a tip!

No one …knows
What tomorrow holds
No more than  we can endure
I’m claiming that PROMISE …FOR SURE!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ January 14, 2013

A Bite Will Do

Do you have
“Just a small bite”
But…I’m not hungry
No appetite!

You’re offended that
I’d cook for you
So I cook ahead
A day or two.

A smaller than small
Portion or plate
Is hard to concoct

But…you have a plan
You’ll take a smidge
Of this and that
The rest to the cat!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 9, 2012

Adios cat…scat

Snoopy is a busy cat
He’s in and out all day
Keeps you busy tracking him
When he goes out to play.

Your short term memory
Plays tricks on you
He’s been out too long!
I’d better check…my cue!

Hurry Snoop, don’t dawdle
He’s sprinting through the fog
Being chased…by…a

So adios cat…scat
Heard throughout the day
I know he’s in good hands
You enjoy this game..you play!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 25, 2012

Run Snoopy Run

Run Snoopy run, get up off the floor
The Blue  Lady’s coming through the door
She’s in that mood … could  last all day
Get up and be gone outside to play.

I wish  a  button  could  make her stop
Giving hateful looks and non-smiles
Creeps me out … her present style
Hopefully … it lasts  just a little while.

Maybe … later … her mood will change
A telephone call to a sibling or two
Usually she  will … laugh … smile
Might … last … the  whole   day through.

So  little friend, …I know you mean well
Playfulness today  won’t  help … I can tell
Been through this … a few times before
Get gone, hurry, out the door.

Snoopy is a male cat  one and a half years old. He loves to play.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 18, 2012

Whispers Of Time – Part 3 of 5

The door opens and out comes that other person, the moody and sad one. She makes it hard for me to enjoy her company. I want to hug her and tell her that it’ll be all right, but it won’t, will it!

She wants so badly to resume doing for herself when she comes to the here and now. She can’t remember how to use the washing machine, but she so wants to be independent. So, I try and guide her without irritating her. When she gets irritated, she gets angry, and I don’t like her angry, so I prepare the washer and she only has to press two buttons, and then she feels the accomplishment of a task well done. Such a simple task, but so complicated to her, I hate that this disease is robbing her of her thought process. I do I do, wouldn’t you?

She whistles away tunes of eras gone past. I remember the tunes from my childhood, because she sang them , then. My tears flow and my heart hurts. She must not see me cry. She wouldn’t understand. I see a glimpse of yesterday and I love it, and miss it. Not that I’d want to return to yesterday, you see, but because she was whole, then. Her mind is being robbed of so many memories. I covet the ones she does have. Even though sometimes they’re all jumbled together. I miss her, then.

She loves to clean, anything. So when I see she tries and I find debris behind, I do my part and pick up her slack. Her slack is more every day. I don’t mind, she’s still active. I love her being active. I see glimmers of the other person, the caring, compassionate soul she is and I just want to help her stay that person as long as she is able. When that sad person comes, I stay out of the way and just let her be. She is not the one I remember. I miss the one I remember, more every day. But you know, the more slack I pick up, the more I love this person, because I know she’d be horrified if she knew that I was picking up her slack. I know this to be true.

She relaxes in the sunshine with Snoopy at her feet (my feline buddy). He is a good companion for this grumpy person. He purrs and says nothing and she stays calm and contented. In this grumpy state, all that can be done is simply to be there and be non-threatening for her. So be it! Thanks Snoopy!

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