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The Amplifier

I hear every word …
You say …walking away
Muffles and ruffles
Heard in your head
Never heard a thing I said
You’re trying to function
I …see
You’re hard of hearing
You MUST …agree
So … use the amplifier
Won’t you …please
To face the man
You will …appease
But …when he’s out of sight
There goes …the contraption
My frustration …your satisfaction!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 23, 2013

The amplifier bought at Radio Shack works good, when Mother uses it. The hearing buds loop up over her ears, but still she dislikes anything in her ears. She had hearing aides at one time, but lost one and won’t use the other. We’re trying anything to help. When my husband is around, she does what he asks, but when he’s gone ….KATIE BAR THE DOORS!

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