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Last words 2015

No doubt about it, my Mom was a precious soul. My friend and prayer partner from my teenage years when we both accepted Christ to forever.  She gave me the strength to go out in life and do what my heart yearned for.  Sad for me, she passed away Sep. 2, 2015.  I miss her every day.  I know she is happy in heaven.  I know Alzheimer’s is no longer her nemesis.  I know she is surrounded by the love of Jesus and that makes my grief bearable.  Thank you Jesus for giving us the years with our Mother.  Even during her Alzheimer’s storm (as I call it), she called on the name of Jesus and said prayers and thanked him for what she had.  Even when she could no longer read The Word, she’d open her Bible and recited verses and paragraphs she’d memorized.  She was my hero, she lived what was in her heart.  That is her legacy to me.

Alzheimer’s years … Mom struggled
I saw … her precious … side
Her strength … in Jesus … bonafide
My challenge … grief … fears … allay
Grow closer to Him … every day.

Caring is sharing/sg/December 31, 2015

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