A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Provoking time

Time marches anew
Bright horizons display
Withering thoughts askew
Muddled moments … play
Thoughts ramble through
Time … shifts away.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 12, 2016




I don’t understand, whispered, eyes wide
The life I’ve known, where has it gone
Why restrained, what did I do wrong
I heard those words, many times
Over and over, lyrics rewind
In my head, while I slept, or not
Your frustrations, were then my lot
Now your kindness I choose to remember
Smiles ‘n compassion I’ll cherish forever
As a child, you gave me strength
To run ‘n feel free, have friends ‘n play
To dream of a future, a bright sunny day
Now you’re gone to heaven, load lifted
No more Alzheimer’s fog … for you
Smiles in my heart, memories held dear
Thank you Jesus … for my Mother
A friendship … I miss … like no other.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ June 3, 2016

Treasure on a shelf

Mary doll sits, on top of a shelf I spy her often, say to myself You’re a bright spot in my day You lightened Mom’s load A treasure … I’d say Because you were there She gave smiles away You filled …

Source: Treasure on a shelf

Mary doll sits, on top of a shelf
I spy her often, say to myself
You’re a bright spot in my day
You lightened Mom’s load
A treasure … I’d say
Because you were there
She gave smiles away
You filled …  a void
She needed …  to care
You kept her …  from
Deepening … despair.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 30, 2016


Flip the frown

Give a smile to someone who
Is sad, before the day is through
Give a hi-5, hug,  or grin
Be … the … heroine
Make a better day
When opportunity
Comes your way
Lend a helping hand
Show interest
Don’t reprimand
So simple, going the mile
Your heart changes
When … you smile.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 25, 2016



Alzheimer’s lost … that day
Lucy ‘n Blue no longer play
You’re free from tangles ‘n snares
Gone forever … abyss’s nightmares
But still … there is work to do
Must continue the fight
Ban Alzheimer’s stew
Must find a cure
In memory “of you”
We’ll yell from the roof tops
From sun-up till dew
Come one and all
We care about you
We care whether or not
Your memories fade
We care if the stew
Makes you fearful … afraid
Loved ones … by the millions
Say it’s time … to parade
Donate … verbalize …  get in the fight
Research is working … let us unite
Be bold warriors … hold fast to the mission
“Cure once and for all” … that’s our position.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ May 17, 2016



My 3rd book is now on Amazon.com


Feeling a bit gloomy today! My oldest sister (Dad’s first kids) passed away a few weeks ago.  Georgia had Alzheimer’s. A massive stroke claimed her life.   She had loving kids and grandkids for which I am thankful .   I dedicated my 3rd book to her and Patricia.    Alzheimer’s  Trail … whispers  in time, found on Amazon.com.    Life is precious, enjoy while you have it!

May 4, 2016/sg

Finished my #2 book from Alzheimer’s Trail.  Entitled:  Alzheimer’s Trail … birds eye view.  It’s been hard focusing, but persistence won.  Hoping to have it ready to order within the week (self published/createspace.com/ order from http://amazon.com/ ).  Also in kindle (eBooks).  I miss writing, I’m hooked sharing my thoughts with you.  Publishing these poems is helping to heal.  The journey  with Mother was challenging and tiring.  It’s taking me time to recover, I was so focused, driven, caring for her and letting my stress out in writing the poems.   I had to get kick started!  Even took an 8 week computer course to help, it’d been 2 years since the first book was published and I forgot so much of the process.  If I were a rich woman (as Mother would say), I’d definitely hire help, but since I’m not, I’ll muddle through!   I was so blessed being able to care for my Mom.  I miss her awful, but I know she’s not suffering anymore.  So, I’ll finish putting my poems/prose in books, #3 almost done and #4 (a work in progress).  That will put me with a year and a half left to put into a final book (or two).

As always, I owe you my heartfelt thanks for reading ME!

Caring is sharing/sg

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