A journey in time with Alzheimer's

I’m that child

I’m that child who hears you call … gazing to the sky
I’m that child who hears you whisper … standing teary eyed
I’m that child who yearns to press my cheek against your breast
I’m that child who chokes within … knowing …  I was blessed!

A year ago August 23, 2015 I was driving home from Colorado (having visited my daughter and family), received a telephone call from my husband that Momma had fallen at the facility where she was living.  He said “get here soon”, “she’s hurt bad”.   The beginning of the end of her life here on earth, she passed ten days later.    It’s been a difficult year.   I’m doing good most days, but I’ll always miss her.  Sheila Kathleen Cranmer was a loving, compassionate person.  I know she loved me and my siblings.  What can be said of a woman who sacrificed so much to keep us safe over the years growing up.  I thank The Lord for a loving Mother.
I’m working on book no. 4 and 5, hopefully both to be out on Amazon.com by years end.  Then, my mission will be complete.  I started on a mission to “find  Momma” in 2010, it ends in 2016 with my blog published in books.  Thanks to all for reading Alzheimer’s Trail and for being out there for me. .  Another walk to end Alzheimer’s is coming to Texarkana, TX,  October lst:


I will be there for sure.  I’ve been involved in the walks since 2012.  I share to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease.  I walk to raise  money for research.
Thank you/sg


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