A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Finished my #2 book from Alzheimer’s Trail.  Entitled:  Alzheimer’s Trail … birds eye view.  It’s been hard focusing, but persistence won.  Hoping to have it ready to order within the week (self published/createspace.com/ order from http://amazon.com/ ).  Also in kindle (eBooks).  I miss writing, I’m hooked sharing my thoughts with you.  Publishing these poems is helping to heal.  The journey  with Mother was challenging and tiring.  It’s taking me time to recover, I was so focused, driven, caring for her and letting my stress out in writing the poems.   I had to get kick started!  Even took an 8 week computer course to help, it’d been 2 years since the first book was published and I forgot so much of the process.  If I were a rich woman (as Mother would say), I’d definitely hire help, but since I’m not, I’ll muddle through!   I was so blessed being able to care for my Mom.  I miss her awful, but I know she’s not suffering anymore.  So, I’ll finish putting my poems/prose in books, #3 almost done and #4 (a work in progress).  That will put me with a year and a half left to put into a final book (or two).

As always, I owe you my heartfelt thanks for reading ME!

Caring is sharing/sg

Thank you - for visiting Alzheimer's Trail

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