A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Mother’s memorial was last Saturday, the 19th, at her home church in Dryden, New York. Precious time for all. Very emotional (to say the least). I was a teary mess. Many emotions came to me during the time in New York State. For me, so many memories of years of going home and visiting family and friends. Mom’s place was the place to be for our yearly journeys. We’ve lived in Texas since winter of 1981, and for the first time coming home today really felt “like home”. As I drove around to visit etc. (in the rented car and tom-tom (GPS), it was hard not tearing everywhere I went. No real reason, but that Mom wasn’t there anymore. She gave me a safe place to be. I always knew I could count on her “place”. Her place was “her”. My heart will always hold a special place for where I was born and raised, but something happened inside me this week-end. Maybe I grew up (so to speak), there comes a time in our lives that we must pull ourselves up from our boot straps (so to speak) and get strong, and just GO ON! I have precious family still there, so many people I love with all my heart, but Texas is my home. Mom’s home church of Dryden Baptist Chapel has always been my home church away from home and those are precious Christians I adore. See what I mean! What’s the deal. I’ve always had one foot in Texas and the other left in New York State. But I have both feet here now, in Texas. A yearning (maybe the umbilical cord?) has been dissolved. How? Why? God knows my heart and that keeps me grounded. Thanks for listening, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your day.

Caring is sharing/ sg

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