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Have you ever cried so hard and finally … no tears left?  Caring for/knowing someone with a terminal illness is similar in that you’re grieving daily for years and then it’s gone, they’re gone and you’re left still grieving but not at the beginning, at the end. Recently talked with a friend whose husband was terminally ill, she grieved him for  years, then when he passed,  felt guilty for wanting to get on with her life. After two more years,  finally started moving on.  Feelings of guilt …should/can she be happy?

There  are  stages in grieving, according to health professional literature:

Denial (This isn’t happening )
Anger (Why is this happening)
Bargaining (I promise I’ll be a better … if…)
Depression (I don’t care anymore.)
Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever comes.)

I, personally, have passed through all the stages (with Mother), and find myself rotating through. I know that sounds…

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