A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Received a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses from Grainger cousins in Ottawa, Canada that made me smile through my tears.

Mother was definitely a yellow rose of Texas.

Never met a stranger. When we’d go shopping or stop for a milkshake, she’d smile at everyone. She shone the light of Jesus even though Alzheimer’s overwhelmed her. She loved life, loved new things and people. When we drove in our granny mobile (the pink Chevy Spark we bought last year), she loved looking around Mount Pleasant at the landscape, stores and people. She loved people most of all. As I watched her loose herself in the Alzheimer’s, her love of life deepened. She was amazing, wanted to do and go whenever we could.

She’d carry her baby dolls everywhere. I speculate she took very good care of her real babies as she did her baby dolls. Alzheimer’s people seem to dwell where they were the happiest, and Mother was happiest with her babies. I had put her Mary doll on a shelf, her favorite rag doll she had made over 30 years ago, who was losing her lust in the washing machine. Mother had somehow attached to a doll who’s previous owner had been on the unit where she lived. I bought two more of the same dolls and switched them out as the need arose. Mother doted on those dolls. There were days when the staff could not shower Mother due to the baby doll! Even meal times was a challenge, but the staff at the Alzheimer’s unit at Mount Pleasant Health Care were miracle workers. Seldom found her other than looking clean and comfortable, or if she refused care, she’s let me help. The nurses/aides always made me feel part of the team. It was a team effort caring for my Mom, they had twenty or so similar to her, so I felt honored to pick up some of the load.

True, she was always ready to get out the front door, so we’d take a car ride in the granny mobile, or stroll in the garden (thank you to whomever cared for the garden, it was beautiful). Gosh I miss those days with her, tough as some of them were, it was worth it, my sweet Momma!

September 6, 2015/ caring is sharing/ sg

Comments on: "Yellow Rose of Texas … caring is sharing" (1)

  1. Patrecia (with an E) said:

    what a wonderful , nice thing to do..Mom would have been so pleased. I know it would not have been possible but I really would have loved to meet your Mom..she sounded like my kinda lady…..When I get to Heaven I shall look out for her…love you

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