A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Recently spent five days in upstate New York attending a family reunion. So much fun, laughter, and tears. Sadness for those who have ailments, disabling their lives, and happiness for those who are growing new families and enjoying the younger years. Spent some time with an older sister who spends three days a week having dialysis treatments (doing awesome, by the way). Rode with her to her appointment on a public transportation (trax bus), long and bumpy ride (but she seemed to enjoy the time talking to me and the driver she’d come to befriend. I met people who just wanted another day of life, another day to enjoy their families, another day. Seneca Lake welcomed me with cool nights and beautiful days, thanks to the hospitality of my sister S and bro-in-law G. Joined by another Bro and Sis and nieces. They always make room for all who come to the lake. I say thank you to them from the bottom of my heart. I was pretty weary by the time I got to the lake. The evening before I flew home, I walked the Gorge at Watkins Glen State Park (about 20-30-minute car ride from the cottage).  It’s towering waterfalls, steep trails with stone steps were just a piece of this beautiful park, recreation,  and historic preservation. My precious memories of this trip will be stored for future days when I miss my family, my arsenal!

The plane ride home was another story, leaving Syracuse, N.Y. 40 minutes late, caused me to miss my connection in Washington D.C. headed to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  After (what seemed) an eternity watching an attendant with flying fingers on a keyboard in front of me do her wonders, I was routed on a flight to Chicago, Illinois’ O’Hara airport, where I spent the night. Not enough time to find an appropriate bed, I tried napping in the airport, (NOT). But, I did meet some wonderful travelers and we shared time and experiences. The next morning at 5:54 A.M., I boarded for DFW. By then, I was way beyond tired. My restless legs wanted to dance all over the plane, which did not make the airline stewardesses happy. I smiled and danced for two hours to the Dallas airport (my routine medicine was in my bag I had sent ahead (what was I thinking!). Arriving in Dallas, still had a 2+-hour car ride to home. Thank you to my son for picking me up and to my husband for a smile and a wave as I literally stopped and flopped for a quick nap before going to see Mother. I missed her. I couldn’t help myself, my eyes were misty when I found her at the nurses medicine door holding her precious baby dolls. She didn’t quite make out who I was till I walked closer, then she sighed: Sheila Grimes! Yep, I’m home!

Caring is sharing/ Sheila Grimes/ July 26, 2015

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