A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Trail

Can’t make it clear why you are where you are. You ran away.  You were not happy. You were bitter, mean , constantly quizzing why you were where you were. So …what’s changed …NOTHING!   I watch you  amazed how you can get in the moment, singing songs, strolling down a hallway, smiling at others, or sitting out in the sunshine, then,  back to your room, you start rehashing AGAIN.   You want to leave … where do you want to go?   “I never had trouble before having a place.” “ Just because I can’t drive a car, I’m here? “ those words are a light into your mind.  You say   because you can walk, feed yourself etc., physical things, you can care for yourself. But you can’t. Alzheimer’s is a different kind of illness.   When a friend is physically ill, people understand.  Asking “how Mom is” leaves…

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