A journey in time with Alzheimer's


They’re not real … said with a sigh
She acts like they are … they’re not
I played with them too … they don’t talk
But for her … they do … what a plot!
It would seem … a dilemma
Both are in places … unknown
My Mom … enjoys her baby dolls
She protects … plays on her own
She sincerely believes her mission
To care for them … till they’re grown
Another lady … wants to play
But Mother … is stern … says no
They’re not toys … she explains
Fearing … won’t leave them alone
So now … I play … baby dolls
I’m Aunt Sis … she shares with me
The whole time I’m watching her
Slipping … further … away
But these dolls … fill her heart
Ease her mind … tranquility.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 26, 2015

Comments on: "Tranquility" (2)

  1. Patrecia (with an E) said:

    In a way this is sad..but then its not. Mom has found consolation in her imaginery friends just like children do when they are small. My daughter Rebecca has a friend who joined us at every meal, so a place was laid for him/her. Rebecca would talk to ‘it’ during the meal….now when I tell her of this she says it was all rubbish and she never did anything like that.
    So for your Mom to have these extra babies to care for is good,,,it is keeping her focused on something even if we cannot see it..something she can care about.
    For you and your family it must be heart breaking to see the Mom that you love slowly slipping into another world where you cannot reach….as I said before Hold tight! Its a rough ride..but My Friend on High knows all about you and He will always be there to help you.


  2. Love to you and your mom. If she’s happy, that’s a good thing, right? Take care of yourself too. ❤ ❤


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