A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Dumbfounded … I stare
Dumbfounded … I cry
Dumbfounded … I laugh
Dumbfounded … I sigh
Whenever I see what’s not
It hurts my heart … so what
Why cry … tears don’t help
Why sigh … why not yelp
It matters not … for me
Ah … yes it does … undoubtedly.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ February 23, 2015

Comments on: "Dumbfounded" (3)

  1. Hugs Sheila… ❤

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  2. {{{ ❤ }}} Take heart, Sheila.

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  3. Patrecia (with an E) said:

    Poor dear friend , you are hurting so much. I wish that I could be near to you to hold you tight and to tell you that everything will be alright, but alas I am here and you are there. However know that my thoughts and love are there to support you.

    and remember that however bad you feel Mom must feel the same except she cannot express it in words xxxxx

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