A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Worsening confusion

I hear words … I’ve dreaded so long
Confusion’s worsening … be strong
Watch me Momma … hear my heart
Stay with me … be lucid … restart
Oh … I know … times moving on
Lucid days … fewer … soon gone
I see others … ahead … of you
Sad eyes … moody days … blue
Soon to be … the new … you
We’ll get … through … you’ll see
Or you won’t … you’re leaving me.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ February 13, 2915

Comments on: "Worsening confusion" (1)

  1. No more Misswhiplash said:

    when an illness like this shuts the door and there is no more to be done, it can be very hard on those who are the closest. It is hard for those left behind….so try to hang on to the fact that there is another life, just beyond our reach, where there is no pain, no confusion, no helplessness and we are young again. When Mom eventually passes through to this new life, try to recall the good days rather than the bad. Remember the sunny days and not the rain…..be happy for her that she is no longer living in total confusion….My thoughts and love are also with you dear Sheila. You have watched and cared for her with every fibre of your being…you could not have done more, as there was nothing more that could have been done…. My love and thoughts


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