A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Awkward moment

Priceless … that look … seen it … before
Upset … no reason … Lady Blue’s up to score
Condescending … eyes squinted … a frown
No chance turning … that frown … upside down
Uneasiness … happens … glances … exchanged
Short-term-memory … helps moods … rearrange
Then it happens … you sigh … sad ‘n blue
Lady Blue’s diminished … leaving … you
Awkward moment … or could be … for sure
Alzheimer’s … overrides … obscure.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ February 8, 2015

Comments on: "Awkward moment" (3)

  1. No more Misswhiplash said:

    find it in your heart to love Mom even more than you do, which is beyond reckoning, she needs you now more than ever. When days are good, she still needs you but on the black days when all is of nothing..she needs you even more. She might not recognize the face or the name or know that you are her daughter but she will still need you.
    For you it is hard, it is upsetting to see the Mom that you knew disappearing before your eyes, but hang on in..God is with you and He will never ask you to carry any burden which He knows you cannot manage.
    My love and prayers are with your Mom and your family

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