A journey in time with Alzheimer's

A moment in time

A heart full of memories … surfaced today
Fragile … moments … light-years away
Treasured nuggets … whispers in time
All but forgotten … boggles the mind
Piecing together … all you remember
Easily fit … adapting … your thoughts
Times … places … families … fun
For … just a moment … sanity won
The flick of a switch … its Lady Blue
Gowned in sadness … Alzheimer’s you
Tossed the treasured memories … aside
To the abyss … forever’s … divide.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ December 13, 2014

Comments on: "A moment in time" (4)

  1. Painful for you too. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Raymond C Nunes said:

    Wow, well written, my wife says that’s when the circuits mesh for mere moments, you are stunned when it happens, i smile when you call her lady blue, you are loved very much, by many people.

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  3. misswhiplash said:

    Those are treasured memories , too precious to lose, so they are stored deep into the memory box, called the soul..always there and sometimes so easy to recall.
    I can easily remember times of years ago , even down into my childhood, but ask me to recall what I did last week and I am at a loss. Maybe it is that old age days run one into another and just melt together in a big pot…whereas thoughts of years ago are things that made such a great impression.
    What a wonderful lady your Mom is and what a wonderful writer you are. Your daily experiences must help a lot of people in the same situation

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