A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Want It To Be True

Wishful … thinking
Want it … to be true
Waiting for a miracle
Alzheimer’s … gone
From … you
You’d be … partly
Where you want to be
Free from … confusion
Or so … it seems to me
Can’t live in … want
It to be true
Must live … be happy
I still … have … you
You’re just different
A new person … true
One who needs my love!
More than the other you?

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ April 5, 2014

misswhiplash said:

with all the words you have ever written , these must be the saddest but the most truthful. One day there may be a cure for this most horrible of illnesses but right now there is none. Just do as you are doing , love your Mom more than you have ever done..NOW is when she needs it even if she seems not to want to accept it.
Be strong my dear, you CAN do it


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