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Revelation … Flowers


Beautiful flowers … planted … each year
Colors… hues … lovingly … held dear
Passionately … cared for … watered and fed
Thousands of hours … to earth … you did wed
I took … this for granted … who you were
Today nonchalantly … pretty flowers … a cure
Planting pretty flowers … kept loneliness away
Tender age you left home … forever and a day
A hope of happiness … wrapped your heart
Left … family and friends … security … depart
Some sad days … some happy … heart stored away
Planting pretty flowers … kept loneliness … at bay
A revelation … not guessed … thru the years
A beautiful sentiment … brought me to tears
You gave your lonely heart … bouquets
Reminders … loved ones … miles away.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 11, 2014


Mother frequently talks  of the country, where she was born (1926), British Guyana, now  Guyana,  South America.  Always tells  of  leaving home at 16 years old,  married an American Soldier, she was a war bride (World War 2.)    She describes seeing beautiful flowers growing up.  Then one day she says … I miss family  ( Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles,  siblings, cousins), and says she brought the flowers with her!  She’s always had gardens of flowers, somewhere, as far back as I can remember.

Comments on: "Revelation … Flowers" (6)

  1. Raymond C Nunes said:

    Wow that’s good really good, brought back so many memories i left Guyana along with my siblings in 1969

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  2. ❤ Flowers are so good at lifting our spirits. ❤ ❤

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  3. misswhiplash said:

    I think that at times we all take our Mothers for granted. We assume that they will be there forever, always reliable, always dependable, just always there……..It is only when illness strikes and God takes them back home that we truly realise just what we have missed. There are many times that I have thought about my Mother who died in 1969 with Cancer. It never occurred to me that she would never be there.
    My own daughters are the same..we live thousands of miles apart but it is always me that makes the phone call, who worries that they are ok, who goes frantic if I cannot contact them (because they do not reply)
    One day I shall be gone and then they will know the loneliness of losing their best friend.

    lots of love to you both

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  4. Reblogged this on Alzheimer's Trail and commented:

    We give flowers to loved ones on Valentines Day, Mother planted flowers during her life time, to renew memories of loved ones, not so different a concept.


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