A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Today is a nostalgia day for me. Increase in Mom’s medicine has her calmer, easier to interact with. I see you Momma!

Alzheimer's Trail

I remember, in grade school, at an end of the year picnic, waiting for mom to come. I couldn’t eat till she brought the plate. She didn’t drive then, so she was late waiting on a ride to the school. My devastation led to tears.  When mom finally arrived ,  she walked up and smiled and  hugged me and everything was O.K.   Funny how little things can burn on your brain.  That memory has been with me ever since. Over the years, when I missed her,   I’d remember her smile … and a cozy feeling came over me. I guess that’s one reason I’m caring for her now, she cared for me….then.

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