A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Remembering Cousins

Mother said … once upon a time
Many years … hard … to remember
In this brain of mine … I had cousins
Harry, Charlie, Alfred, Ralph and Barbara too!
I remember as plain as day … when … no school
To the boardwalk … we’d play … a rule
Aunt Lil … my Aunt … their mum
I remember … not all … but some
Looking through time … they’re smiling at me
Love to chat … time away … laugh ‘n play
If they had time … and … came my way.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 3, 2014

Comments on: "Remembering Cousins" (2)

  1. Raymond C Nunes said:

    Hi Sheila and family, remember me? i am that ‘YANK’ that visited your wonderful family in Texas about 20 years ago, i am Compton’s brother, son of Barbara and Edward Nunes, sorry to hear about Aunt Shelia, please reply if this is really you !!!!!

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