A journey in time with Alzheimer's


She’s upset … with me
Can’t say … what she wants to hear
Can’t do … what she wants to do
Can’t hear … what she hears
Can’t go … where she wants to go
Can’t find … who she wants to find
Can’t help … make her calm
Not today … no way
So … nurses/aides are left with all
My can’t do’s … when I leave the hall
Unsung heroes … save my day
All my worries … fade away
Well … mostly … you …see
Can’t wash worry … off…me
I pray … it away … everyday
Thanks for being there … heroes
Thanks for giving … her meds
Watching as she pillows her head
God watches over heroes … too
As you watch … over those
Who haven’t … a clue!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 6, 2014

Comments on: "The 2014 Walk To End ALZHEIMER’S (NorthEast Walk in Longview, Texas) was a hugh success. I recited the following poem. I’m so thankful for all the people who have and do care for Mother, making both our lives more bearable." (2)

  1. در 8:16 pmhosna میگوید:salamman doakathri ahstam 26 sale hamishe dokhtare azadi budam harjur dust dashtam lebas pushidam hala ye kastegar daram ke familam hastishun mige ke moshkeli nadare faghat jeloye khanevadash bayad kheili ba hejab bashammitarsam badan bekhad hamishe injuri basham va man vaghan nemitunam!chejuri motmaen sham azin mozu?


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