A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Evacuation … day … much havoc … surround
So many … heroes … compassion abounds
Some residents … amazing … calm under fire
Others were … strained … nervous ‘n wired
Firemen … policemen … nurses … aides
Family ‘n friends … Daingerfield’s brigade
Hughes springs … Lone Star … sirens blew
All … came to help … fast … impromptu
All is o.k. … said in all ears … proof in action
Subdue fears … food, medicine, mattresses too
Helpers de-stress … folks feeling … blue
It could have been worse … no lives were lost
Plus being summer … gone was Jack Frost
Dear Mother … bless her soul … hadn’t a clue
I find her … smiling … peek-a-boo!
Many hours passed … teams … electric ‘n gas
Made safe the way … to return … at last
My home towns … I’m honored to say
Johnny- on- the -spot … saved us that day!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ September 2, 2014/

August 29, 2014 We were headed to Mom’s facility to pick her up and transport her to a new place. It was around 5PM. We were detoured away, finding out the facility had a gas leak/exploded and no electricity. The facility was evacuating the residents to Hughes Springs, TX, 6 miles away. Daingerfield had issues with the storm that had just passed through. Looking for Mother was stressful. Finally when I saw her in a bus window, I was in tears and she smiled at me! We’re very thankful for the fast action of the facility and all the firemen and policemen and EVERYONE THAT HAD ANY PART IN TAKING THESE RESIDENTS TO SAFETY. WHAT A SEND OFF!

Comments on: "WHAT A SEND OFF!" (4)

  1. What timing. I’m rather glad you’re mother wasn’t aware what all the excitement was about. Might have upset her. ❤

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  2. GOING OUT WITH A BANG…!!! oh my , oh my….there,s not a lot one can say about such experience except all residents out safely and unharmed….Bless you Mom and all the others too…I wish her many happy hours in her new home….

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