A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Where Have You Been?

So ….. We walk into the new facility. Mother is o.k. for a while, until she realizes she’s staying. I’m putting pictures up on the wall and clothes in the closet when she begins to ponder. Squinting those fiery eyes at me she’s says, Sheila Grimes, are you thinking I’m staying here? Well Mom, this is where you’ll be for now. Angry, she says, get out! So, I try to hug her (which she’ll have none of) and leave. My husband got a half-smile and kind words. We go for a late lunch, after which I return to Mother (2 hours later). As I walk in, gazing around, I don’t see Mother, so I go to her room and there she is wandering. She looks up with a worried  look, and says, where have you been? And that my friends is where we are! Each time I visit, I get dressed up and down about how she is going home by hook or by crook. By the end of my visit, she’s forgotten her complaining and I say, well Mom, I have to go back to work! She seems to understand I need to work, so I’m USUALLY GOING BACK TO WORK. I think we’re further along down the trail than a year ago. Because she has lucid times and needs more stimulation, I’m hoping she’ll be happier in this new unit. It’s always about Mother, making her days positive and keeping her self-worth. But I must tell you, she spent a night with us Friday night, and if I had any doubts about keeping her in a secure unit, they all vanished away after my NOT SLEEPING that night! So … I’m thankful for caregivers in these secure units, safe places where people can be cared for. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes WIDER!

During the past few days, I’ve been hearing a new song by Chris Tomlin called WATERFALL! It has truly touched and calmed my heart.

Caring Is Sharing/ sg/ August 31, 2014

Comments on: "Where Have You Been?" (2)

  1. Good to hear there are wonderful facilities for loved ones you can trust. ❤ ❤

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  2. misswhiplash said:

    Well done for taking that big step. M on will get used to her surroundings and soon feel at home. Its very much like going to a new school. You have to get the feel of it. However it turns out you could not have tried harder. Just go on keeping the Faith and all will be well

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