A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Time to … let it go

Time to … take a break
Time to … shimmy/shake
Time to … run ‘n play
Time to … feel alive
Time to … make believe
Time to … shift ‘n weave
Time to … let it be
Time to … let it go
Time to … seize the day
Time to … break away!

Taking a break from every day stuff! Will be out-of-pocket for a week, going to a birthday party for Uncle Don, Loren’s uncle who turns 90 on Saturday. He struggles with Alzheimer’s, he probably won’t know us, but we know him, love him and want to celebrate his day!

See you later alligator (you’re suppose to say after while crocodile)!

Regards, Sheila Marie Wilder Grimes

Comments on: "Time to … let it go" (3)

  1. Have a wonderful time away Sheila with family and loved ones…in a while crocodile 😉

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  2. After a while, crocodile. 😀 Enjoy.

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  3. cor that’s going back a few years…but yes, ‘aft a while crocodile!’
    Have a good time

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