A journey in time with Alzheimer's

The Nick

A cove… twixt … lucid/confusion
Many ships … pass … fro/to
Some … meander … for awhile
Gusty winds … push them thru
Others … sail … away
Oblivious … of … the nick
Time will tell … if … pricked
Eventually … smitten … life’s sad trick.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ August 3, 2014

Comments on: "The Nick" (2)

  1. if only God could give us Grace
    To know the time and the place
    we could get all problems aired
    we would wait and not be scared
    But God calls when He is ready
    His guiding hands support and steady
    He knows what our life’s path had been
    Now we will have peace and be with Him

    so ships borne on wind fly here, swept there
    against the rocks the wood must bend
    when it comes..an untimely end

    But in all this , turmoil and heartache
    amidst confusion and delusion
    There stands God, tall, kind and steady
    with open arms He is readu


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