A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Pondering With Sheila K

Heavens’ windows … open wide
Observing … us … below
Wonder … they proud of us?
Someday … we’ll know!
Did I help … my neighbor?
Was kindness … bestowed?
Was kindness … received?
Are we stuck … did we grow?
Pondering … the question
You smile … there’s always time
To help … another … brother
Be … ye … ever … kind.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 15, 2014

Comments on: "Pondering With Sheila K" (4)

  1. Hey! Another Alzheimer’s poetry blog!! 🙂 And I thought I was the only one… 😉

    Will be checking in again to read more – in the meantime you might like to check out my site http://www.dementiapoetry.com.

    Look forward to reading!

    DG x

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  2. Yes!
    “Be … ye … ever … kind.”

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  3. how true this is…..it is never too late to help another person in need

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