A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Memory Books

Close your eyes … you will see
Library’s full … sweet memories
Golden books … treasures sweet
Stored thru time … life complete
Alzheimer’s checks out … the books
You scan the shelves … crannies ’n nooks
Your mind’s eye … views … everywhere
Memory’s lost … no more … to share
Someone says … remember me
When I sat upon … your knee
Sweet memory … checked long ago
Never returned … confusion grows.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ July 5, 2014

My cousin Compton Andrew Nunes told me this beautiful story (he calls the library effect) of how he explains dementia/Alzheimer’s to his patients and long ago to his Mother who was needing to know how it comes about. Aunt Barbara passed away a few years ago, even though her memories were fading, Compton has sweet memories of her in his library! Thank you cuzzie for sharing!

Comments on: "Memory Books" (2)

  1. what a wonderful way to think about life…but we all have to read the final chapter to complete our lives
    love to you all

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