A journey in time with Alzheimer's

May 11, 2014 Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers Everywhere!

Winding around the corner of the house, a shadow disappears. Goose bumps again and shivers crawling up my spine. All week, shadows  have been sighted, in the house near the stove, and then poof, gone! Another spotting in the laundry room,  then everything gone. How on earth is all this happening? Now a shadow is leaving the car with bags of stuff! I’ve had it, I just got to grab it, but I’m a chicken at heart! O.K. I can be strong, so here goes! Slam! Caught you! What in the world! All those groceries scattered on the ground,  and again the shadow vanishes! Now it’s night and no shadow. Has this been my heart seeing this all week?  My heart has gone to yesteryear and found solace. My mind remembers all the wonderful things Mother has done!  ImageThey’re  burned on my brain!   Sheila Cranmer, my Mom, is and was a wonderful Mother. All I could have ever imagined, she was to me. So, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU ALL AND MAY YOU APPRECIATE YOUR MOM AS I DO MINE!

Caring is sharing/ Sheila Grimes/ May 8, 2014


Comments on: "Shadows Of Time HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY" (2)

  1. misswhiplash said:

    cling to those memories , as one day that will be all you have. My Mom died 45 years ago and I still talk to her photo and I still think of her and love her…So on Earth or in Heaven..Happy Mother,s Day to all

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  2. Oh Sheila, what a beautiful and moving piece in honour of your dear mother. I love this photo of you both too, really shows your true love as mother and daughter. Nothing like it is there? God bless you both this Mother’s Day (we had ours in March!)…have a beautiful day, both beautiful mothers as both you are… 🙂

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