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 This week’s prompt: when the night demons visit.  


       Lightning ‘n Daggers

The grey-haired senior roamed the halls searching for yesterday, obsessing over water and dying. No one was able to console her. When the night demons visit, sundowners, her eyes became piercing daggers; her mouth drew up into twisted bolts of thunder, emptying vulgar words into the air. Caregivers knew to give her space. Wildly bellowing down halls, she suddenly burst through the safety doors. All hands on deck. Katie didn’t bar the doors! The ultimate mission was coaxing her to reality, and leading her to safety. The fiery eyed senior, irritated, stomped back, flashing hateful looks at her “jailers”.


Copyright/Sheila Grimes /May 5,  2014

 (Since this is my first time “connecting” everything, please forgive me if I’ve gotten it wrong. I would appreciate any instruction! Practice makes perfect!)

Comments on: "100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups – Week #131" (6)

  1. well I am no expert but I do enjoy reading…and what I just read was facinating…if only it were in a book ……well done buddy author

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  2. I loved the read and your descriptions are spot on.
    I think the idea is to include the words, ‘when the night demons visit’, bringing the total to 105 words. ~(*_*)~~

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  3. I like this Sheila, well done 🙂

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