A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Lost Glasses


Lost glasses … no where found
Tore your room up … not around
You’re devastated … going to sue
Many times … suspicious you
Others stole them! … lost? … not true
You’ve worn them a day or two
Not cheap … you always say
Have to go to work to pay
Need to make a résumé
I’m thinking … where you’d be
Eighty seven … going on three
So … I bring … a used pair
Mine own … buyer beware
You just take them … put them on
Where’d you find them! Logic’s gone!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ April 25, 2014


Comments on: "Lost Glasses" (3)

  1. the number of times I lose my glasses..i search everywhere, never anywhere, try to recall where I last was, no good…not there. Then I find them either on my head or some place that they should not be…..
    so you see I can understand the frustration of losing one’s specks…and its even worse when you can no longer understand why they are lost, who lost them and the accusation of stealing them.
    That was a good brave solution to your Mom’s problem…it could have gone completely wrong but, no, she accepted them…
    Were her own glasses ever found?

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  2. At least the problem is solved for now. Hope you find the originals. 😉

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