A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Staring at pine needles … on a tree
Attached to the branch … not to me
Soft ‘n green … appears … to be
Appearance … not reality
Are they soft … definitely not
Stuck by a needle … my lot
Hurt for awhile … swollen ‘n red
Too much pain … to pillow my head
Life with Alzheimer’s … appears to be
Calm and quiet … not reality
Days when confusion … hits the door
Soothing words … don’t help no more
I just stare … Alzheimer’s … you see
Inevitable changes … reality!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 22, 2014

Comments on: "Perception" (2)

  1. misswhiplash said:

    Reality it is, no longer a fairy tale, not that it ever was….but the harsh, hard reality that this is it…You have to be the strong one now, stronger than you have ever been , to shoulder and protect your Mom from the harshness, cushion the fall….and always have in your mind that Mom did not ask for this illness. She does not even know that she has it…to her everything is as confused as it ever was. My prayers are with you always and God is always by your side

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  2. I wish you strength to soldier on. 😉

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