A journey in time with Alzheimer's


She’s upset … with me
Can’t say … what she wants to hear
Can’t do … what she wants to do
Can’t hear … what she hears
Can’t go … where she wants to go
Can’t find … who she wants to find
Can’t help … make her calm
Not today … no way
So … nurses/aides are left with all
My can’t do’s … when I leave the hall
Unsung heroes … save my day
All my worries … fade away
Well … mostly … you …see
Can’t wash worry … off…me
I pray … it away … everyday
Thanks for being there … heroes
Thanks for giving … her meds
Watching as she pillows her head
God watches over heroes … too
As you watch … over those
Who haven’t … a clue!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ March 6, 2014

Comments on: "Heroes" (5)

  1. Hard to find a good second home for moms like yours. Good to hear they are kind and understanding. 😉


  2. Fabulous.


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