A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Hard to find things to keep Mother from being bored when lucid times are with her. She loves to be busy, useful, but cannot keep to a task. Walked with her to do crafts with other residents one day, and she said, that’s not for me, and kept on walking. She cannot read or write anymore, so books or puzzles are out. She keeps her Bible in her bottom drawer and takes it out occasionally and turns the pages, she memorized parts of it years ago and can still recite some. One day I sat down to color pictures with her, and watched her scribble and lose interest within minutes. She enjoys walking, but tires easily. Talking with others holds her interest, but her hearing is bothersome, she reads into conversations and her suspicious side overcomes her. She loves to sing love songs from old movies, the 40’s and 50’s. She enjoys T.V., using a large hand control, surfing for a show, seems to enjoy the colors and people more than the actual show. Sometimes we go to the grocery store, just to walk around, she pushes the cart and follows me as I shop. Challenging times … for sure!

U nable to concentrate

S udden weariness

E asily distracted

F ragile grasp

U nsafe

L ost

Caring Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "Needing to be useful/Caring Is Sharing" (8)

  1. Especially I like the anagram


  2. Great anagram, but very challenging indeed Sheila…prayers and hugs…


  3. I I like the anagram too. Most frustrating. 😉


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