A journey in time with Alzheimer's

In A Fog

Walking in a fog …words said in jest
Here but not …playful? … grotesque
Wiping tears away …coming thru the mist
Fuddled in mind … you are sorely missed
Hard to connect … thoughts … pushing through
Wanting to …catch  …time …askew.

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ January 9, 2014

Comments on: "In A Fog" (9)

  1. I feel with you.


  2. I feel the pain…again…again
    But it will never be the same
    this fog…shadows the eye
    the brain ..goes asleep. by and by
    only memories…if still here
    are far and distant..sadly fear
    In her mind…..the Mom she always was
    she does not know it is because
    Of a cause she does see
    But still she cares, and she loves thee


  3. misswhiplash said:

    Error Of a cause she does NOT see


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