A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Definition of LEGACY (from Websters Dictionary)

: a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : bequest
: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past <the legacy of the ancient philosophers>

legacy noun

something that is or may be inherited
Synonyms bequest, birthright, heritage, legacy, patrimony
Related Words heirloom; bestowal, gift, offering, present
My Mother’s legacy to me. Intangible.

She shared  her heart, always made me feel special. Part of  continuous grieving is that you have time (or so you think) to think!   We have been friends all my life. Even though I’ve lived so far from her in my adult years, I’ve always felt close to her.   Our faith kept us kindred spirits, thank you Jesus.   Her life had good times and  hard times,  some of the roughest times were during my childhood.   She loved, protected,  and encouraged  me,  she let me go when it was time, and I’m forever grateful.    I’m thankful her memories of her childhood are happy ones.   She struggles daily with Alzheimer’s.   It’s  an honor to be there for her.

Caring Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "Legacy" (6)

  1. Many people think I’m “wonderful” for taking care of Danny and his health issues. I think it’s wonderful that he’s in my life and I’ve been given an opportunity to show him how much I love him! Loved this post!


  2. This is very sweet. It greatly touches my heart to hear a daughter’s love for her mother.


  3. It often surprises me how accepting the unacceptable can only be done with true love.
    This is a wonderful tribute to both of you.


  4. Wonderful words which so aptly apply to your situation.
    God’s Blessings be with you, now and forever


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