A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Body ‘n Soul

When a body gets sick, or looses a part, it persists. A cough, limp, an amputation, or a cooked smile can give its secret away. Some are gone early in life, some live to a ripe old age. The question of longevity has many variables.   Only The Lord knows  how many  days a person has on this earth.   The choices a person makes in their lifetime can shorten/lengthen   their  days.    The soul is the forever part of our being. Even when the body is deathly sick, the spirit/soul  can be strong and powerful. What we feed our spirit/soul  helps or hinders its strength. I watch Mother and I’m always impressed with her spiritual strength. She loves her God/her Maker. She can be an encouragement to those around her. Her sadness and pondering perplexes her. When the Alzheimer’s is strong and she forgets her life, she never forgets her Savior. This time of the year is sad for many. Reminders of lost loved ones and reminiscing of yesterdays gone by brings nostalgia. Mother inspires me to be joyful in my soul/ my heart…today.

Caring Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "Body ‘n Soul" (8)

  1. The body may begin to fall apart…the world may look as though it is falling apart…..the stars and planets may fall from Space but one thing is always 100% guaranteed..The Good Lord is there through thick and thin, through times of stress,, times of sadness, times of joy….wherever, whatever He is never far away…..


  2. Compton Andrew Nunes said:

    As usual Sheila, you bring out the memories of what you and your Mum , my Aunt is going thru. Thank you for sharing
    Love Hugs and Kisses


  3. I find it amazing and heartwarming that when all else fails, your Mom still remembers her faith. Ths shows her faith is stronger than Alzheimer’s. 😉


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