A journey in time with Alzheimer's

Among life’s memories …along the way … lots of friends …here …today
Doing your job …helping others …tragedy struck …your kindness …smothered
Candles lit … show   care …friends ‘n family … from everywhere
Hug ’n kisses … closeness …love …smiles ‘n tears …toward heaven above
Please Dear Lord …quiet hearts today …peace …calmness …we pray
Get  us through … every night …bring us swiftly …to days light
Where hearts …again …embrace …all that’s good …in this place
Bad memories …replace  with …memories of Gail …sadness erased
Knowing loved ones …safe with you …makes life easier …no sad adieu!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes R.N./ December 3, 2013

Usual visit with Mother on monday, but I needed to leave to attend this Candlelight Vigil for those in the shooting (November 26, 2013)  at GoodShepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas.  Mother was asking so many questions, and I had no answers.  I did not know Gail, but friends did.  She died doing what all nurses do everyday, caring for others.  We get paid to help others, go figure!  So I looked at her and said, Mother, I’m going to a funeral, a nurse died and I need to be there, she said …GO!  Sometimes I look at her and want to  share my feelings, but she isn’t there to do that anymore.  But when she looked at me and said GO, I couldn’t stop the tears and I hugged her, she  understood  my heart at that moment.

Comments on: "For Gail Sandidge R.N. (No Sad Adieu)" (5)

  1. W–O–W. What a moment: “GO.”


  2. My ex husband passed away on Monday morn..no longer does he suffer the agonies of Alzheimers …a sad time but one of glad release…love to you and Mom xxx


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