A journey in time with Alzheimer's


Words … phrases …lead  the way
Remembering thoughts …from yesterday
Bits ’n pieces …in the mix
Scenario tossed … in a fix
Brain won’t remember …you say
Thoughts come … go …away
Pondering  …stare …frown
Square-1 … on the merry-go-round!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ November 22, 2013

Comments on: "Merry-go-round" (7)

  1. Frustrating and confusing. Sorry to hear that.


  2. misswhiplash said:

    my ex husband has now become a lot worse.he is confined to bed and on tablets to keep him quite. He has also become violent……around and around it goes ..is there ever any end..will there ever be and end or even a cure. love P


    • there seems to be a cycle …violence is in the cycle, more men then women. I have a friend whose husband became viiolent and that’s when they had to put him into a nursing center, he died months later. It’s so hard to control someone SO VIOLENT, medications help, and supervision is a must! 24/7 care. Research is working towards a cure, may it come SOON!


  3. misswhiplash said:

    i meant quiet


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