A journey in time with Alzheimer's

The Looking Glass

Here I am …over here, don’t look through your looking  glass … look through mine. I’m not the one you seek, she’s in a journey through Alzheimer’s abyss … lost time . I cannot hold memories any longer, they’re gone.   What you see is a different person … I am that person. I have feelings and I have needs to love and to be loved.   I’m in turmoil. I see things that aren’t there. I hear voices in my head. I’m  burdened to remember things that  are  gone from my memory when you say, remember! Please … don’t push me to remember … anymore. Please support me  where I am. I am still  the  person God created and loves, just not the one  who started on this life journey many years ago.   My mind is in tangles … woven  memories … different scenarios than expected. I am suspicious. I am lonely. I am fearful. I am frail and feeble of mind. I’m like a child in so many ways. I need to be cared for.   I want to be independent, but atlas, I cannot. I want to help others, but I cannot even help myself. Please help me to have  …burden free days.  Help me … to be … and to be happy.  It’s hard …my mind has just enough memories of my old life left to upset me. Yes, I may know your face and call your name, but really I don’t remember.  I want to, but I can’t.

Sincerely,    Your Friend, Your Neighbor, Your Sister, Your Aunt ,  Your Mother. Your Grandmother. I will continue this journey. Can you be strong?   I need you to be!

Caring Is Sharing/sg

Comments on: "The Looking Glass" (6)

  1. misswhiplash said:

    The G8 are meeting at Chequers sometime soon..maybe they will be able to discover together how yo beat this cruel illness that grabs so many in the later years of their lives. It will be too late for you Mom and my ex husband but maybe future generations will benefit.
    your post was so real and poignant, it tells it how it is anf how hopeless it all seems.
    May God bless you all


  2. misswhiplash said:

    Sorry for spelling errors..I do this on my ipad and fingers too quick


  3. “…in tangles…” reverberates to my ear and makes the situation a little more clear. 🙂


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