A journey in time with Alzheimer's

There To Here

Grabbing the bar …on the wall …keeping safe …not to fall
Miss a step …or two …maybe a walker … help you?
Heaven forbid …crazy you say …a walker would only
Get in the way …as you clutch a chair and move around
Straightening up …to show you’re sound
Nevertheless …your point less clear …watching
You grab …there to here!

Copyright/ Sheila Grimes/ October 20, 2013

For her 87 years, Mother does well getting around.  But, there are times when she’s wobbly and grabs the bars on the walls, and chairs.  She is so funny, trying to make light of it.

Comments on: "There To Here" (3)

  1. Your Mom sounds cute. I guess we all like to believe we have control over what we do. 😉


  2. Not much hope for me then..I am 10 years younger than your Mom, I hold chairs for balance, handrails for up and down stairs and as for getting on a ladder,,forget that idea. I also use my walking sticks sometimes …and I like to know where my feet are likely to land up… Your Mom is not doing so badly, it is just her mind which is confused by everyday happenings..I get like that too


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